2018 Sculpture Show & Sale

Next Steps and Details for Participating Sculptors


1. Pay Your Entry Fee  

Please pay the $50 entry fee by clicking here. Please make your payment by January 30, 2018.


2.  Supply Text + Image for the Catalog

As part of our Show & Sale, we will be printing a catalog listing all participating artists with a short description of their work and a photo of one piece.

By January 15th, please email us at sculpturetucson@gmail.com, a short statement about your work (three sentences) and a photo of one work of art that will be for sale. Please include the title, year, materials, and dimensions of your work. We will be using your statement and the photo in the catalog.


3. Site Details

We will provide each artist with a 10’ x 10’ tent or a 10’ x 10’ space under a covered roof.  

We will also provide each artist with three pedestals.  Artists are free to bring additional pedestals of their own, but they must be painted white.

We encourage you to exhibit larger works and we will have an area at the entrance to the show specifically designated to exhibit larger pieces.

We will have heavy lifting equipment available for load in and load out so please let us know when you pay your entry fee if you will require that equipment so that we can plan accordingly.

Click here to download a PDF of the Site and Booth Layout


4.  Security

We will be providing 24 hour security for the duration of the show.


5.  Sales

All sales will be through SculptureTucson.Org on site.  We will be able to take credit cards, cash, and check.  
SculptureTucson.Org will retain 30% of all sales.


6.  Demonstrations

We are arranging to have several artists conduct demonstrations.  If you are interested in doing a demonstration during the show, please let us know before January 30. 2018 so that we can accommodate you with a space.  You will be able to sell items made during the demonstration. 


7. Reception and Event

Friday evening, April 6th, we will have an Opening Reception event with complementary food, beer and wine.
Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Terrol Johnson, our invited artist and keynote speaker, will be speaking at the opening event.

Food and beverages will be available on site all day Saturday and Sunday.


If you have any questions regarding the show please contact us.