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IN the post house
June 21st to August 15th, 2022
FORm & design revealed over a year's time.

The exhibition at Sculpture Tucson was the first opportunity for an American audience to view the 366 works in the collection. The show featured hooks designed and hand-forged, by Jenkins, over the course of twelve months in 2016. 


In 2016, Jenkins, an internationally recognized and award-winning blacksmith, embarked on a twelve-month, personal journey to get out of a creative rut. The resulting 366 forms are a mixture of approaches and techniques ranging from traditional blacksmithing skills to inspirational details found in the works of masters. Sparked by an endless source of inspiration, including the metal scrap bin, each hook took an average of one hour, each day, to produce. The hooks were mounted onto 12 boards, 3’ x 4’ in size, each representing one month out of the year. The exhibition was an invitation to reexamine our relationship with everyday objects and encourage us all to think outside the hook when it comes to functional design. 


This exclusive exhibition was made possible by Sculpture Tucson and its generous sponsors.

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