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Sculpture enriches community

Sculpture Tucson wants to turn the streets and bike paths of Tucson into the world’s largest art gallery so it created Sculpture on the Street.  In its short history, Sculpture Tucson's Sculpture on the Street has used festival revenue and private donations to purchase and install the following sculptures in public locations:


SOUTHWEST MARKER - sculpture by Otto Rigan, located at 3200 N Campbell Avenue

Purchased by Great Western Bank


INTENTIONS - sculpture by Hector Ortega, located in front of City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department
Purchased by Sculpture Tucson with the support of the Dantzler Fund


THE ANTS PICNIC - sculptures by Steve Kimble, located at the east side ramada, Brandi Fenton Park
Purchased by an anonymous donor


RED STALLION and OVER THERE - 2 sculptures by Al Glann, placed along the Chuck Huckelberry Loop
Purchased by a private donor


LOVE PATH - sculpture by Adrian Wall, to be placed in a public location.
Purchased by Sculpture Tucson with the support of the Dantzler Fund


CONSTRAINED GEOMETRIES - sculpture by Hector Ortega, to be placed along River Road
Purchased by an anonymous donor

Tucson has lots of great public sculpture.  Click here to see an interactive map of many additional pieces of public sculpture in the Tucson area.

Want to get involved in the project?

Everyone remembers the business that has the Horse on the roof, or the Dinosaur on the front lawn. Public art gets you noticed, and it's great for business. Our Sculpture on the Street program can make it happen.


Interested but want to see what kind of sculpture is available?

Visit our Sculpture Garden

Many of the sculptures are available. Didn’t see exactly what you want?

Look at our Website

Sculpture Tucson has access to dozens of sculptures that are available for immediate delivery. Check out some of them on our website. Still haven’t seen what you want?

Talk to the Artists

Our extensive network of local, regional and national artists are waiting to talk to you. We will consult to help select or design a piece for you.

You may want a sculpture but aren’t ready for the financial investment. Or, you may want the option of changing your sculpture from time to time. Leasing may be just right for you. Each piece of sculpture has both a purchase price as well as a lease price. Pieces can be leased for as short as two years and extended as long as you like.


Call 520.334.5871 to set up an appointment. We’ll help you and your business make a memorable impression for years to come.


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