The annual sculpture festival show and sale


The Annual Sculpture Festival Show & Sale is a three-day premier sculpture show where collectors and art lovers can meet local, national and international sculptors in a beautiful outdoor setting. 2022 was a big success. Hosted at the Brandi Fenton Memorial Park in Tucson, Arizona, the 2022 Sculpture Festival featured artist demonstrations, music, food trucks and a range of sculptures that were juried by a selective panel and were available for sale.


Planning has begun for 2023. We look forward to seeing you here next year.

Photos: Tim Fuller


2022 participating artisTS Listed Alphabetically with Booth Number

Lisa Agababian  
  Booth: 1
Pamela Ambrosio  
  Booth: 32
Gary Anderson  
  Booth: 9
Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath   Booth: 22
Julia Arriola  
  Booth: 4
John T. Benedict  
  Booth: 14
Carlton Bradford &     University of Arizona Students 
  Booth: 10
Kerry Cannon  
  Booth: 12

Kevin Caron  
  Booth: 41
Caroline Carpio  
  Booth: 26
Anna Bush Crews  
  Booth: 36
Steven Derks  
  Booth: 8

Jimmy Descant  

  Booth: 17

Poe Dismuke  

  Booth: 25

Michael Ford Dunton  

  Booth: 31

Peter Eisner  

  Booth: 34

Pat Frederick

  Booth: 38

William Freer  

  Booth: 21

Judy Gans  

  Booth: 44

Steve Gevurtz

  Booth: 2

Al Glann  

  Booth: 47

Candace Greenburg  

  Booth: 13

Gary Hall  

  Booth: 7

Mark Hamilton  

  Booth: 37

Jerry W. Harris  
  Booth: 45

Luke Heimbigner  

  Booth: 6

Adam Homan

  Booth: 5

Megan McCarter

  Booth: 35

Frank Morbillo

  Booth: 11

Gedion Nyanhongo

  Booth: 27

Hector M Ortega

  Booth: 43

Ralph Prata   

  Booth: 33

Lauren Raine  

  Booth: 40

Mattie O. Rose  

  Booth: 48

Cristina Sánchez

  Booth: 24

Daniel Slack

  Booth: 39

Dana Smith  

  Booth: 46

Jorge Vergeli

  Booth: 23                                                            

Shirley Wagner  
  Booth: 3
Adrian Wall  
  Booth: 20
Mark A.Wallis  
  Booth: 42
Neil Weinstein  
  Booth: 30
Ira Wiesenfeld DVM  
  Booth: 19

K Newby Gallery &
Sculpture Garden  

  Booth: 28/29
Wilde Meyer Gallery
  Booth: 15/16